How to get a confirmation of the correct copy to cloud

I use rclone to backup my documents to Google Drive. Everything works perfectly but I have not found a way to have a final report of the correct transfer made.

I have found the -v argument that gives a feedback every 5% uploaded but I just would like to get a final feedback of the transfer made.

Is there a way?

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With the -v, don’t you get this at the end?

Transferred:       60.752G / 60.752 GBytes, 100%, 84.676 MBytes/s, ETA 0s
Errors:                 0
Checks:                16 / 16, 100%
Transferred:           16 / 16, 100%
Elapsed time:    12m14.6s

If you’re not satisfied with the output of -P or -v, you can also use rclone check to verify that the file(s) was/were uploaded correctly.

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Yes, with ‘-v’ I get a final summary but also a feedback every 5% uploaded.

I just would like the final summary.

Is there a way?


So just a summary at the end? You can ditch the -v and just use:

--stats-log-level NOTICE
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