How to do crypt root_folder_id?

This is probably simple, but I don't want to screw it up.

I have been bitten by the "bug" that creates duplicates when using --shared_with_me

I want to add a root_folder_id to my config file to prevent this, but I am not sure where exactly to put it.

I only need to add it to the remote destination, right?

I have the folder id from my bucket folder from google drive.

I use it as a crypt with api. so do I put the root_folder_id config at the gdrive: remote and not the api or crypt remote? The gdrive_crypt config refers to gdrive:bucket
i.e. Should it look like this?

type = drive
client_id =
client_secret =
root_folder_id = <snip>
token = <snip>

Can you show the rclone command you'd like to use too please?

sure, a very simple copy:

rclone --shared-with-me copy unencrypted_gdrive1:directoryX/ gdrive2_api_crypt:backup/directoryX/

I presume you mean --drive-shared-with-me? Written like the above it applies to both source and destination which is what you want to avoid.

So make a remote which is just for the shared with me bits, so

type = drive
client_id =
client_secret =
shared_with_me = true
token = <snip>

then do your copy from the gdriveshared to the gdrive - this will avoid duplicating files.

Thanks. That works. Hopefully I will remember I need to use a different remote when accessing shared content.

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