How to decrypt on another machine

Hello, so I originally was running rclone on a VPS that I ran a Plex server on and I would fetch downloads using sonarr and radarr and then they would place them in my Google drive mount subdirectorys (movies/series) I had a crypt remote ontop of this so if I looked into my folders on Google drive they were all gibberish encrypted code, but in my local file browser they were their respective names. Now here's me question, I have decided to go away with the VPS and run my own server at my home. I have sonarr and radarr and Plex and everything setup and I installed r clone and copied the old config file on the VPS to the new machine that I'm using and that's supposed to decrypt everything but my files in my file browser still look like encrypted gibberish now instead of seeing them unencrypted. Is there a step I forgot Todo? Other things worth mentioning: Rclone was on Linux originally and my new machine is on windows 10. I had mounted a gdrive originally and showed gibberish so then I deleted all remotes and copied the config file over and all my remotes were copied over. Any advice on how to move forward? Should I decrypt everything and re upload?

If you need to view them on the browser, then you need to decrypt then reup again.

Do u think it would be faster to just redownload everything instead of decrypting and reuploading?

I have done something similar, i copied my rclone config from a linux machine to a mac. And all worked like before.
My suggestion would be, try out the Windows Subsystem for Linux.

You just need to copy the same rclone.conf or enter in the same passwords and salt that you used before.

If you are seeing the encrypted items, it means you mounted the remote and not the crypt remote.

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