How to decrypt file (decrypted by rclone) using some basic tool?

please, how can I decrypt single file using some basic tool, e.g. openssl? I mean file which is encrypted by crypt remote and suppoese that I know password and password2.
It should be used some standard basic linux tool.
Thank you.

hello and welcome to the forum,

only rclone can decrypt such a file.

if you use rclone mount, then any basic linux tool can see the file as decrypted.

only rclone can decrypt such a file.

With all due respect, the encryption is open source and there are at least a few tools that have reversed it (see for example crypt_rclone and rclone-js).

However, it is almost certainly easier just to use rclone to decrypt it.

To @ppohoda, I wrote a HowTo Guide for using rclone for one-off decryption; though I only tested it on Linux and macOS.

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There is not a 'standard' unix tool that would work here.

You'd either have to use rclone or follow @jwink3101's suggestion.

True, I missed OP's request for "standard" tools.

I personally do feel better knowing it can and has been done before though to recover the files!

I'd just use rclone personally as it's not like the binary I have on my own machine is going to explode :slight_smile:

It would depend on the use case though as there could be many reasons to use or not use it as I'm just speaking for me.