How to create new "crypt" remote from command line

someone was rightfully confused by the double behavior, which was undocumented.
does it say anything about the 22-char limit on the "rclone config create" page? nope.

I haven't written anything that warrants this politically-correct yet ultimately dissent-crushing comment.
I have not said that my way is the best way, I'm just acknowledging that as it is, it created confusion and, unfortunately, it still creates confusion.

this also is a discussion-crushing comment.
only because you know that those flags exist, it does not mean that everybody does.

my main point is that removing confusion means that new users are more comfortable, they ask for less support, and folks who generously devote their time to helping people online have more time to focus on more pressing issues, rather than command line params. the least confusion, the better!

The new documentation goes with the 1.52 release so it isn't there yet.

I'm not sure why you are taking it personally as it's a general statement on how the current point in time came to be. It does nothing to diminish or change the value of your use case as each person has their 'best' use case. I was stating that it came to be because more folks asked for something at the time.

Documentation can be updated. If you have changes, please suggest them and I can make the change. If you want to, you can make the change. It's all community driven and suggestions and improvements are welcome and encouraged.

Not a thing I stated was meant to be personally offensive or demeaning in anyway as I can assure you of that so please read what I am writing with that in mind.

lol! :smiley:
"politically-correct" here means a phrase that tries really hard not to offend anyone, with the outcome of resulting shallow at best, or even offending at worst.
e.g. @asdffdsa you are a strong and independent human being, and I respect your choices. :rofl:

sure, but the 22-char limit was there well before the new flags in current beta, so I would have expected to have seen that mentioned in the docs.
the new docs will mention the new flags, sure, hopefully future docs-readers will see it. :+1:

if I say, for example, that the rclone config create should not allow true as a valid value for filename_encryption if rclone complains about it later, then we are discussing about parameter configuration and programming logic.
it's fully unnecessary to be talking about "my use case", which is just invoking a command.
(I'm not saying you did say that on this issue, please take my metaphor with a grain of salt.)
you have done that multiple times and I've clearly expressed to you my thoughts on this, yet you keep doing it... as a consequence, the discussion becomes me vs you, and we don't ever go forward!
just take a look at the back and forth replies of this thread... :man_shrugging:

once again, this is not about my "use case":
IMHO it is a bad idea to have very different things happen upon execution of the following two commands:

rclone config create [...] password 123456789012345678901
rclone config create [...] password 1234567890123456789012

at present, the behaviour generates confusion, which generates folks coming to the forum with questions that should be answered by the docs.
in other terms, I was offering constructive criticism and suggesting, for example, that the new flags should be set mandatory so as to be explicitly telling rclone what to do. or, that a single default behavior should be chosen, independently of the number of chars.

again, this is so obvious that stating it is pretty insulting.
I understand docs can be updated -- I'm trying to wrap my head around the situation here.
I would want new users to give me suggestions on my code and user experience, and I would certainly not reply to them: "documentation can be updated".
if we cannot agree on whether that true value is an issue, how can you ask folks to spend time preparing a pull request?

I know, I know! I respect your utter patience!
but, you should really stay more focused on the issues at hand.

Will do. Good luck.

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therapy time is over! \o/

my personal wrapup of this issue, to get back to the point:

  1. rclone config create should complain about filename_encryption set to true;
  2. although the 22-char limit will be posted in future docs, it might be confusing as a behavior per se;
  3. the command line syntax is a bit confusing to me: as I wrote:

if these arguments can be of general interest to improve docs or spark further discussion, all the better!
thanks. cheers

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