How to create a batch/ .bat file?

I think maybe I wasn't clear but I was trying to tell that rclone downloads other videos in the folder without any consent, is this possible to fix this?

yes, i understand that.

rclone does not download anything on it own.
something else is requesting a download, perhaps a setting in mpv, or window explorer or windows search engine.

so these extra downloads are in the same folder as the video file you are trying to play?

yes you are correct because when I click on the main folder it downloads the last 2 ep's irrespective of my choice and as my data is limited I am trying to avoid this issue as much as possible and If I wanted to play a video on one of the sub folders rclone or some program again downloads the entire contents of the folder. Can this be fixed? or should I change my vfs cache mode to writes?

what data? ram, hard drive, internet connection or what?

rclone only downloads what it is asked to by some other program.

what program are you using to click on the main folder?

1.Internet connection
2.normal windows explorer and clicking play button

not sure what to tell you at this point. not really a rclone problem.
how many GB of media files do you have in the gdrive?

something other than rclone is requesting those files; you need to figure that out.
try playing the file from mpv, do not use windows explorer.
check settings in mpv, try vlc

you can use a program named process explorer to figure out what is requesting those files.

windows explorer is always a problem.
i have not used it in 10+ years, there are many alternatives.
if you choose to use it, then you should read this

Thank you for all the help and I appreciate your patience in answering many of my questions. I have around 100Gb ish files on my gdrive and tbh my mpv has only default settings moreover I tried playing the videos with vlc but those videos are still being downloaded every time I access the sub folders. As you already know I am not that good at troubleshooting these things, which would you thinks is better if I change vfs cache to writes or minimal

try it and see what happens.

if you have such a small amount of files and limited internet:

  • why not just keeps the files local?
  • rent a seedbox with plex, and stream from that.

I tried both of those commands and the files aren't downloaded into the e:\rclone directory and to answer your 2nd question I guess I prefer to stream rather download and store in local hdd moreover I am not that technical/tech-savvy to configure plex server. Hope you've understood my point.

so is the problem solved?

Well those commands are reads only from my gdrive. So they don't really download anything into the directory

sorry i do not undertand.

is there still a problem.
if so, what is it?

Maybe I wasn't clear enough those commands don't really download anything compared to the vfs cache full, as they only read the data directly from google drive.
Have you tried raidrive program? If I access my gdrive folders from raidrive it doesn't anything additional, so my question isn't raidrive using the same rclone features to access gdrive? I apologize if that's not the case. But if it uses then how to configure the rclone to function in the same manner as raidrive.

the vfs cache, for temp storage, used by rclone.
when rclone exists, those file would be deleted.

what exact feature does raidrive perform that you think rclone does not?

when gdrive is mounted using rclone the mounted drive shows the sub folder contents with thumbnails but when you do the same with raidrive it displays the sub folder contents in a list form, I am not saying raidrive is better than rclone, but can this feature be used by some sort of command? If you don't think this possible then I will continue to use the minimal/writes command instead of full command, I apologize if wasted your precious time. But would mind telling the difference b/w minimal and writes command? if it's okay

take some time and read the docs.

okay thanks for everything

can you post as screenshot snippet?


that is not a raidrive feature, just a tweak in windows explorer.

and your screenshot is not list view, but detailed view...