How to correctly mount union remotes pointing on the same path


I have read union doc and I found it interesting but I'm not sure to understand everything.
I have two google workspace account connected on the same shared drive.
I would like to mount this shared drive and use the daily quota of my two accounts transparently for my server.
I was thinking to use the union option, like that when the quota of the first account is full, the second one takes over.
Could it works ? If yes, can you explain me a bit what I could do to try it ?

Maybe I misunderstood the documentation, I have the impression that it is more about connecting completely different remotes with different paths.
I hope I have been clear and that my request has been correctly formulated, thank you in advance for any help ^^

That is not what union is for.

If you want to change credentials which rclone is running, then use the --rc flag and then use these commands to change the credentials.

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Thank you very much I'm gonna look at this in more detail

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