How to copy without deleting content?


I am a new rclone user and I have to admit the knowledge about this tool is quite limited. I will try to explain my problem in the best way I can.
I have got quite a huge bunch of files inside a folder in Google Drive (Folder A) and I woud like to copy the content inside another folder (Folder B) which has got some files in it. What I am intending to achieve is to make a copy of files from Folder A to Folder B skipping the copy if the file is already in Folder B. At the same time keeping additional files in Folder B which are not located in Folder A is crucial for me. I have tried several comands but none of them seems to work according to my purpose.
The main command I have used is:
./rclone -v copy --buffer-size 0 --retries 3 --stats 15s --tpslimit 2 --checksum --transfers 2 Drive:FolderA Drive:FolderB
Could you please give me some advice about how to change the command above to replicate files as I plan? Thanks in advance.

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you might check out these two flags

rclone copy with the --ignore-existing flag should do what you want. Test first with --dry-run

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