How to copy only matched directories


i have a music folder with alot of subdirectories , i want to copy only those who starts with "MP3"

currently im using to backup the full directory:
c:\Apps\rclone\rclone.exe copy "i:\Shared Music\2019" "Onedrive:Music\2019" --update --transfers=4 -P


Take a look at the filtering options:

i did but couldnt make it work, i posted after trying for quite some time

So assuming all the directories you want to copy start with the string MP3 then you want

c:\Apps\rclone\rclone.exe copy "i:\Shared Music\2019" "Onedrive:Music\2019" --update --transfers=4 -P --include "MP3*/**"

That means find directories starting with MP3 MP3* and then all files within them /**

thanks alot, its working :slight_smile:

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