How to continiue a job if terminal closes?

Im planning to reinstall my Unraid NAS, so Ive created myself a Jottacloud account with 5TB of storage to copy all of my data to in the meantime. Im not that into linux or cli at all, but I managed to crate a remote and copy/sync files back and forth - pretty easy.

Now, when I start the copy job from SSH on my mac, how can I continue to see the -P progress of the job on another SSH connection? Or if I close the terminal window or something? The job will (hopefully) continue until the end and there is no more data I guess, but it would be nice to see that its finished.

Tried to scroll through the /docs and flags, but cant see to find a solution to this particular "problem" of mine?


Ah yes! Thanks mate! Works like a dream!
However, when copying over my 4k content (some .srt-files, .nfo-files I guess) it takes a pretty long time and CPU goes through the roof - guess thats normal when moving small files? The .mkv-files goes very well at maximum bandwidth.

What is the smartest way of copying my library actually? Some items may not be unpacked I think.. still in .rar-archive I guess. For an unknown reason.

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Consider the more modern alternative to screen : "tmux"

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