How to change local storage folder Linux

Hi - I have RClone on Linux (Debian/Ubuntu), and am using RClone to mirror my Google Drive documents.

Where is the local files mirror stored on my computer?

And how do I change this mirror to be on a different partition to the one I use for Linux installs?

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What command do you use to mirror your file?

I just used the standard google drive setup instructions from here:

If all you’ve done is follow those instructions, then you haven’t mounted the remote yet. Take a look at

Ah - I see - thanks Chriscraig :slight_smile:

Apologies for the newbie questions, but I only want to do a one sided copy and replace once a week - ie. delete all the locally stored files, and do a copy of all files from my Google Drive to my local drive.

I plan to set this up as a weekly cron.

  • How would I do this? .sh?

  • What user do I need to do it as - root? su? Or my standard log in user

You would want to do an rclone sync.

rclone sync remote:/ /path/to/local/files

This will make your local copy look like your remote copy. No need to mount the remote at all in this case. You’d want to run this as whatever user you used to configure the remote.

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Would that delete the local folder files that are not present in the remote directory?

I am looking for a one way replace, ie. remote replaces all local, and not local sync’d to remote.

In this example remote: is the source and /path/to/local/files is the destination. It will make the destination look exactly like the source. It won’t change anything on the source (In this case, the remote)

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