How to autoupdate rclone beta version on windows?

hello all, I need autoupdate rclone beta version on windows.

You want to update rclone?

You can see if you need to update with

rclone version --check

But you'll have to do a manual install

Thank you very much.
I need autoupdate. :sob:

An autoupdate function would be nice, but that being said - it's not exactly hard to update manually. In fact it could hardly be any easier.

  • Download the version you want (just grab the file marked "latest beta" from the beta downloads if that's what you want)
  • Shut down any currently running rclone instances (in case you already have a mount running or something)
  • Copy the files into your existing rclone folder and let windows overwrite.

Nothing else to think about. Your current setup, config and any scripts will continue to work.

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