How should I sync exactly same directory and files?

I synced two months ago then changed directory to another place but same trees. Only move folder to antoher directory.
After sync recently there is old directory and files that I erased recently.
It seems rclone saving deleted files and directories.
How can I sync exactly same as now I have?

I command like below

rclone sync /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/Data Crypt:/ --config=/share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/Data/3.Archive --progress --transfers 20 --bwlimit 40M

you have not supplied any useful information?
edit: i see that you updated you first post.

Yes Thankyou
As it's not an error I only wrote my command that I used.
Should I supply something more?

Sorry it solved...
It was not deleted because of IO errors

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