How should I limit monthy upload?

My ISP has a monthly cap of 1TB, so that I don’t go over my ISP limit I would like to set things up so that no more than 200GB is uploaded each month. My current local backup is around 2TB and I know this is going to take a long time. I plan to have this on a Raspberry Pi running 24/7 in a script triggered by systemd.

I’m not sure what I should do here. I saw the new feature being added --max-transfer but would that be good for my use case? Could I use --max-transfer to upload 6.5GB a day for a typical month of 30 days or is that not what it’s for? or is --bwlimit better?

I’ve gone with --bwlimit=60 (that should be kBytes?) for a total of around 150 GB a month. Is that correct?

That sounds correct if you are runnning rclone 24/7. If you are running a backup (say) and it only lasts 3 hours a night (say) then you could make it higher.

–max-transfer is useful to not exceed a specific amount in a session, --bwlimit is the correct thing to use to limit over a particuar period.

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