How I got rclone to get a token for Box

I'm trying to migrate users to Box. FTP is horribly slow (especially since parallel requests seem to confuse Box). I'm hoping that rclone is faster.

Unfortunately, rclone requires token authentication. And it fails. Running "rclone authorize box" gets me an error from Box about an insecure_redirect_uri (redirect_uri=

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Just bumped into this myself (timely). I sit next to the Box admin, between the two of us we seem to have enabled the rclone box app and given all the permissions... It's still working on my linux box afaik, so I guess this is a new remote issue (at least for me). Box I was on is OSX High Sierra, should that matter.

I've run into a similar issue. My company uses rclone to mount box. We have Okta as our SSO. As of a couple days ago the mount worked flawlessly but now we get the error:
Don't worry, your files are perfectly safe. Get in touch with Box support to get assistance with this app. We're here to help.

Error: insecure_redirect_uri

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  • response_type=code
  • redirect_uri=

Any help would be appreciated!

The box team have unlisted rclone from the app gallery.

This should mean that

  • the redirect works OK
  • the old config works OK.

I had no idea getting rclone listed in the app gallery would cause so much disruption - I'll try to work with box for a smoother transition next time.

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