How i check if files are copied to remote path?

To understand, I already copied rclone to Gdrive, but as the copy was theoretically completed, I needed to make sure all the files on my server are in the Gdrive folders.
Could you help me with this question?

I need to check if the files that were made in my rclone copy to the gdrive were copied.
Can i do this with the rclone check command?

If you still have the file locally to compare to, then yes, rclone check can do that. That's a thorough check to see the files are indeed identical and will take some time.

Otherwise, if you just need a quick check that you didn't make a simple mistake and see that the file did it fact make it there then you can just browse your remote. the rclone ncdu gives you user-friendly interface for that as an alternative to using list commands. mounting the drive directly with no cache would also fill the same purpose.

Or, if you simply did the same copy command again then rclone would simply skip the file is it thinks it is already identical (measuring size and modtime by default).

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