How does watching folders effect my system?

I never got 'connections' to work for sonarr/radarr/lidarr, so i run emby, jellyfin, and plex with live/automatic folder watching.
How does this effect my system, memory etc. with a 100tb media library?

Plex and Emby both use inotify for live monitoring, which isn't supported with rclone to my knowlege. Are you seeing a different behavior?

I haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary but I use mergerfs. I’m just curious is all

Are you writing locally first? The local file system on mergerfs would pick up the inotify, but rclone would not.

So if you are doing what I do, that would work. If you are uploading to rclone, I'd be surprised if it picks it up via the inotify, but I'm not 100% sure as that isn't my work flow.

Yes, jellyfin and plex pickup new content just fine.

And yes, when i upload straight to gdrive without being on local first, it does pick it up as well

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