How does rclone handle files that are newer but smaller?

If I have a file (500 MB) that is in remote A, and the same file in remote B (but it's 10 MB – because the download was interrupted for example). If I move the file from B to A, would the file in A be overwritten because the one in B is newer? or will it keep the one in A since it's larger?

Here is the command and flags I plan to use (which moves everything in B to A):
rclone move B: A: -P --size-only

If the sizes don't match B would copy to A.

      --size-only                            Skip based on size only, not mod-time or checksum

is it possible to set it so that it will only overwrite it if the size in A is smaller than the one in B?

No, size only checks if they match or not.

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