How do I make it so that I don't have to retype "rclone" every time a command finishes?

This question is probably not rclone-specific. I already added rclone to the environment variables (I use Windows) but all it does is let you use rclone outside of the directory where it's located. I still have to type rclone every time a command finishes. I remember using a program before where you enter a sort of mode dedicated for it and so you can just keep typing commands related to it until you decide to exit which you then do by typing "exit". Can you do the same with rclone?

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some tools like diskshadow.exe can do that.

i do know know of such a tool where you would not have to type rclone before running a rclone command.

you can rename rclone.exe to r.exe and use it like so
r version

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