How do I know when file trasfers are completed

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Im mounting pCloud drive on Windows as a drive. When I copy any file those are copied to cache location - how can I findout that my transfers were actually completed?

rclone mount pcloud:/ X: --config rclone.conf --vfs-cache-mode writes --cache-dir .\cache\ --volname pCloud

For write operations I would prefer to not have cache(?) / buffer(?) so would know exacly when files are actually fully written on remote file system - is it possible?

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as far as i know, with rclone mount, there is no easy way to know when transfers are completed.

if the mount is used for only uploads
then after a period of time, rclone will remove the uploaded files from the vfs file cache
so can monitor the size of the cache dir.

and can monitor the rclone debug log file.

then use rclone copy

and if you must use rclone mount, for a simple file copy, often that vfs file cache is not needed.
if rclone copied the file, then the log would use that, do some testing.

As mentioned... Im not a programmer but here is small tool with source: - pCloud

find inside file "irclone\irclone\bin\Debug\irclone.exe" and run it with path to Your log as param like:

irclone c:\rclone\rclone.log

Not tested:

  • path with spaces
  • path on remote hosts (starting with \ )
  • big log files

You can hover icon in tooltip to findout what is currently uploading and doubleclick it for remaing infos.

For sure it poorly designed and writen solution and it probably have tons of unforseen issues.

(written in C# with SharpDevelop 4.4)

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