How do I know if rclone has finished copying file from gcache to gdrive?

As per title, the question is pretty straightforward! I’ve just started renting a seedbox and I created two remotes (gdrive and gcache) and mounted the cache in /home/user/gcache. I point sonarr and radarr to those folders and download everything with Deluge.

From what I understood, given it’s gcache I don’t have to launch a command right? Everything is copied automatically! How do I know when the copying has finished though? When the file appears in the gdrive folder?

One other thing I’ve noticed is that sometimes files save as video files, while other times as binary files?! Is that a thing?

What’s your mount command you are using?

rclone usually writes the uploads to the logs as a “Copied (new)” or something along those lines.

Depending on your mount that can happen immediately or after a period of time.

I gave this command

rclone mount -vvv --allow-other --allow-non-empty gcache: mount_folder_for_gdrive

Just the once, and that’s it! Haven’t done anything since I gave the command

So that would write out a lot of info and should show the new files being copied. It doesn’t look like you are using cache-tmp-upload so writes would happen immediately as I’m guessing you are using the cache.

You can use --log-file something.log as part of the command to write it to a file.