How Do I Backup My Remote Secret So I can Move RClone To A New Box

Okay I am a little confused. I have two separate systems one is linux and one is windows.

The windows box already has rclone and an encrypted remote using gdrive.

The Linux system does not

I am wanting to give my linux system access to my encrypted gdrive remote that already exists. What do I need to do on my linux box to achieve this and what do I need to do on my windows box.

  1. install rclone on linux -
  2. copy the rclone config file from windows to linux.
  3. on linux, run whatever rclone command you want....

to locate the config file on windows and to know where to copy it to on linux, run rclone config file

What is the ideal command to mount the drive on Linux?

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same rclone mount as windows but of course the path is different.

"On Linux/macOS/FreeBSD start the mount like this, where /path/to/local/mount is an empty existing directory:"

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