How can I perform "Make a Copy" using Rclone for Google Drive?

As title, been through the documents, didn't find corresponding command for "Make a Copy" operation.


not sure what you need, you have not provided much detail about the use-case.

if you want to make a copy of the source, then rclone copy source dest

When click "Make a copy" on the Google Drive web page, a same file with "Copy of" appended as the prefix in the filename is generated on the same folder as the old file.

For example, I have a c.txt file under folder a.
After "Make a copy" operation, a file "Copy of c.txt" will be generated under folder a.

this might help

Well, thanks for the advice.
But suffix is just an option, basically it's still copy operation.

The whole point of using "Make a copy" is to change file owner for one file in team drive to me after making a copy.
Because if the file is owned by someone else, I can't copy/move this file.

no worries, we have many gdrive experts and i am sure one will stop by soon.

So let me put it this way.
Before "Make a copy", the file is owned by someone else, so I can't copy or move this file.
The only operation I can do on this file is to "Make a copy".

After making a copy, the filename is changed with a prefix and the ownership of file is changed to me.

So I can copy and move this copied file.

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