How can I have shared rclone config file for multiple machines

Hello experts,

I have 3 node Nifi cluster and I am planning to install Rclone on all 3 nifi machines.
Which ever nifi (machine) receives request for remote creation or file transfer should be able to achieve the task.

The challenge here is remote created on one machine should be available on another machine Rclone for file transfer.

So just seeing is there anyway to have common/shared config files for all 3 machines rclone ?
Or is there anyway I can keep all 3 machines config files in sync?

Any suggestion/idea would be much appreciated.

(we have created 2 end points (apis) in nifi first one for remote creation second one for file transfer, clients would call first remote creation end point and next file transfer)


well, there are lots of ways, but lacking details about your specific use case, hard to give good advice.

--- create some sort of netshare that all three machines can access.
--- store the config file in the cloud, each time a machine runs rclone, the script would download the config file.
--- connect over some sort of client to site vpn, or point to point vpn like tailscale.
--- connect over ssh and use sshfs, scp or something similar.

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