How can I get a more stable upload speed

I’m using the Jottacloud client to download to a mounted remote server on Windows 10 with this command:

rclone mount Jottacrypt:/ L: --allow-other --checkers 16 --dir-cache-time 5m --tpslimit 60 --tpslimit-burst 60 --buffer-size 1G --stats 1s --vfs-cache-mode writes --cache-chunk-size 320M --transfers=60 --cache-chunk-total-size 100G --cache-dir E:/rclone -v

My network speed when testing with ookla speedtest is around 460Mbit/s up and 400Mbit/s down. I’ve however only seen it reach half of that speed at its highest. But most of the time the upload doesn’t go any faster than 5-10 Mbit/s.

There’s also something that prevents the Jottacloud client from downloading to the mounted rclone folder some times. I get a lot of these errors in the Jottacloud log file:
error: The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.
The cache is not full when this happens.

Is there anything I can do to increase my upload speed?
I need at least a consistent 350Mbit/s.

I’m using version v1.46 of rclone

Your config is somewhat confusing.

You have a lot of cache backend parameters in there, but you don’t seem to be using a cache backend.

checkers does nothing on a mount
your dir-cache-time at 5 minutes may impact speed as it has to recache the structure. I use 96 hours for mine as an example.
buffer-size at 1G means you use 1GB of memory for every file open and it will grab 1GB of every file regardless of if you need it or not. I just use the default here personally.
stats 1s is a default so not needed.
cache-chunk-size does nothing since you aren’t using a cache backend, but 320M is huge anyway for a chunk size.
transfers do nothing on a mount
cache-chunk-total-size is fine, but again, you are using a cache backend

if you are using vfs-cache-mode writes, it would write anything local first and upload it after the local write in complete.

For a mount, you aren’t going to get a stable 350 Mbit up as uploading really isn’t a mounts thing. If you want to upload, it’s better to use rclone copy as you can run multiple transfers at a time up and have much more in terms of options to play with.

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