How can I create a link for multiples files at once?

I'm writting a script that uploads all the APKs of a specific version to dropbox and then generates a link for each one of them.

By using the following command I can upload all the files that contain a specific version in the name at once

rclone copy . --include "**versionNum**" dropbox:

But when it comes to generating the links I have to create them one by one, specifying each flavor of the built APK:

For example:

rclone link dropbox:"versionNum-xhdpi-debug.apk"
rclone link dropbox:"versionNum-xhdpi-release.apk"

I could have 10 or more flavours and I don't want to write each one of them or edit the script to accommodate new flavours. The only thing this files have in common is the version number.

Is there a way that I can create a link for all the files that contains an specific word? Something like the copy command using --incluse "**word**"?

In Linux you'd just write a script and loop with the files as link is per file as it doesn't loop.

Yes I'm considering that, just wanted to know if I missed a flag in the documentation or something that allowed to link multiple files

Not that I'm aware of.

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