How can I add my own endpoints?

Is there an API that you can use in order to let rclone manage your own endpoint? I mean rclone is amazing already but what if you wanted to write your own custom endpoint, how would you do that?

What do you mean by 'your own endpoint'? You'd have to pick one of the remotes that rclone currently supports and you can use remote control to interact with rclone:

Of course, I'm asking how do you develop a remote.

I would think you'd learn some GO and you can check out:

I'm sure @ncw could add some more verbiage but from a non developer point of you, that's how I would start.

are there docs on this?

Here are the steps you need to take to write a new backend

I recommend reading the whole CONTRIBUTING doc if you are planning to make a new backend, but those are the specific steps.

The integration tests are really important - they are the thing that keeps rclone reliable!

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