Help with simple copy script

I’m certain someone will be able to help… I’m simply trying to copy files to two locations. Local and then cloud. This script didn’t work last night. It copied the files to local storage but after several hours had not yet begun copying to ACD. The catch is Movies can be copied directly to ACD, shows however need to be copied to both locations. Also i need to add a line to delete all the contents (minus parent folders) from the original location (i.e. .hardlinks). Whats wrong w/ this script? How can it be improved? And how should the delete line look? Many thanks to any and all willing to help w/ this very simple script which has baffled me.

sleep 20
rclone copy /home/user1/.hardlinks/Shows /home/user1/Media/Shows/ --no-traverse --transfers 10 --quiet
rclone copy /home/user1/.hardlinks/ eacd: --no-traverse --transfers 10 --quiet

add on both-v --log-file=/path to log/ so you can see whats going on.

p.s. if you have symlinks that need to be followed add -L