Help with server-side copy/sync (Gsuite Solo to Edu) - 404 Error

Hey guys, I've been digging around server-side copy/sync, but I still haven't grasped the concept fully.

I know that the 404 errors happen when the user from one GDrive account doesn't have access to the files from the other GDrive account. But how can I get more details on allowing a user from a different drive to access another's drive?

My scenario is this: I want to sync some files from a GSuite account and put them on a Edu account.

What's the procedure to make server-side copy/sync work? Should I share the folders with the edu account e-mail?


I believe all you need to do is 'share' them to the remote gdrive and use --server_side_across_configs to enable it (or use the 'add to gdrive' in the GUI and do regular copies from the shared link to the destination folder)

Thanks for answering, calisro.

I tried that now, but it's not working properly. Through drive's regular browser interface, I shared some folders, but in the destination it's taking ages for the files to appear. It's like Google's trying to make duplicates of the files.

For now I'm using a compute instance to transfer from one remote to another. 60MB/s is better than nothing...

There is a delay in when files are linked. It's how it works. Depending on how much data you need to transfer speed may not be a factor as you'll only be able to transfer 750G a day anyway.

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So waiting for the links in regular sharing might be better? How long should I expect for a few terabytes?

Both methods have a maximum of 750G a day. One is server side and one isn't. Just depends on what you want to do.

And I'm not sure how long long it would take.

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