Help with renaming files on Google Photos

I'm new to Rclone and I'm still learning it. I did try to search the forum for help with this, but I couldn't find any relevant posts from other users.

I'm using the current latest release of Rclone on Windows Server 2019 and I'm attempting to download a backup of all the photos on my Google Photos account. I tried using this command to download everything:

rclone sync GooglePhotos:media/all M:\Media\Photos\ -P

Most of the photos download to the correct folder, but some do not and this command produces a bunch of errors about duplicate file names. In my research, I found out that this is a pretty common problem with Google Photos. So, to deal with that, I used the following command to attempt to rename all files to unique values:

rclone dedupe rename GooglePhotos:media/all

This eventually completes without issue, but it doesn't resolve the duplicate file name issue my sync command produces. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

Here's the output I get when I run the rename with -P and -vv flags:

2020/11/12 20:29:02 DEBUG : Using config file from "C:\\Users\\bryan\\.config\\rclone\\rclone.conf"
2020/11/12 20:29:02 DEBUG : Creating backend with remote "GooglePhotos:media/all"
2020-11-12 20:29:02 INFO  : Google Photos path "media/all": Looking for duplicates using rename mode.
2020-11-12 20:29:02 DEBUG : Google Photos path "media/all": List: dir=""
2020-11-12 20:29:53 DEBUG : Google Photos path "media/all": >List: err=<nil>
2020-11-12 20:29:53 DEBUG : Google Photos path "media/all": List: dir=""
2020-11-12 20:30:38 DEBUG : Google Photos path "media/all": >List: err=<nil>

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