Help with rclone config create - again

I am using rclone 14.6 @ windows 10

I am trying to build a config file within a bat file.

I use:
rclone config create MYremote mega user MYuser pass MYpassword --config MYConfig.txt

point is… MYpassword appears litterally in MYConfig… not the same behaviour as if I do rclone config interactivelly…

What gives?


You need to run the password through rclone obscure first, then give it to rclone config create

Fast as a thunderstrike, thanks again.

I am a bit perplex.

Using in a bat file rlcone obscure + rclone config create , produces a config file that does not allow to log in… While doing same in rclone config interactively all goes right.
Perhaps my bat is wrong, but I cannot “debug” it. obscured password looks good but does not log in…

Is there a way to “de-obscure” to check that bat works right?


Can you share your batch file and what steps you are running?

set order=rclone.exe obscure MYpass
FOR /F %%F IN (’%order%’) DO SET MYpassobscured=%%F
rclone config create MYremote mega user MYuser pass %MYpassobscured% --config rclone.conf

I can confirm the bat is right and that obscure works right.
It was an error with my password.

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