Help with merging gdrive

I’m trying to clean up two largely similar directories (music libraries) in Google Drive. The bitrate of the music files differs between the two, so I want to merge them and keep the larger file. What I can’t seem to figure is how to do this merge based purely on file name and size.

I have tried dedupe with the --keep-largest mode with no success since they aren’t in the same directory. And when I try check or do a dry run with move/copy (and --ignore-existing), it seems to be copying files even when they exist already.

I assume I’m missing something obvious, so I’m hoping there’s a kindly person here who can help me out.

Worse comes to worse, I can sync down to my Mac and dedupe there, but it would be nice to do this server side and THEN copy things down.

The only way I can see doing this is…

Creating two rclone lsjson lists of both directories with path, file name, and sizes. Then write a small script to compare name and size and generate a list of what to delete from each directory keeping keeping the largest. Then download and merge them.


You can probably mount both directories. And use a script like this one.

Thanks for the tips. I was hoping to do this without having to sync everything down to a computer, but I couldn’t find an alternative. Ended up using Chronosync on my Mac - handy utility.

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