Help with config

I'm new to using rclone and I don't know how to configure a server to use.
I was able to set up my google drive account and the shared drive without any problems, but I don't know how to set up the website *getspace . pt / cloud (this website has several domains *getspace .eu, *getspace .Uk, *getspace .Us, *getspace .fr, ...)
could someone help me with this?

Rclone version 1.52.3

I use windows 10 x64

What storage system do getspace use? I could find any docs.

That's the problem, I also found nothing. I managed to set up my * blomp .com account with no problems, because in their forum I had the necessary configuration to use rclone. I asked here on the forum why I hoped someone had already used this server and knew how to configure it.

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