Help with filtering understanding

Simple question.

rclone delete remote: --include "*.*"

I have an enourmous number of files, so using --dry-run doesn't help me much.
I caused myself troublesome problems by mixing crypt files with normal files all in one place. I want to sort it all out.

The command above... Will it match a file named 938q8p4wias.f and not match a file named a0349apljsdkf ?

Best to try it out with rclone ls and validate it does what you want.

felix@gemini:~$ rclone ls /home/felix/test
        0 one
        0 one.two
        0 three
        0 two
        0 two.three
felix@gemini:~$ rclone ls /home/felix/test --include "*.*"
        0 one.two
        0 two.three

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