Help with emby server and rclone mount google team drive


I am noob at rclone mount and i would like to setup my team drive to my emby server.

I researched the forum but there are many prefixes used. I don't know what to use to stream over my team drive. What command should i use?


There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to configuration, so some reading is probably going to be required.

This page will tell you everything you need about config options for the Gdrive:
And this page will tell you everything you need about the mount command (as you will probably need a mounted drive for a media streaming app like Emby (I don't use that software myself, but I assume):

In general though you can probably start off with using an all-default configutation. That should be perfectly fine for streaming. Worry about optional flags later on when everything is working.

All you really need to start is something like:
rclone mount MyGdrive: X:

Of course, this assumes that you have already configured your Gdrive as a remote. If you have not, then do that before anything else (you will find a detailed setp-by-step guide in the first link provided).

Later on, when you have a basic working setup, you may want to check out this thread for more advanced configuration (for Plex, but most of it will probably be applicable to Emby too).

thanks for the reply. but i think for API bans i need rclone cache first right?

I configured gdrives as remote btw.

Streaming media won't really tax the API heavily (although you should look into setting up your own Oauth key - which is also covered at the bottom of that Gdrive documentation link).

I wouldn't use the cache unless you know you have a good reason to use it. It has benefits, yes, but also downsides - and it will complicate the setup and add overhead. For the spesific usecase you state here I don't think it will be needed. Besides - you can always add this later without penalty if you change your mind.

I should also note that you don't get API banned. You can just hit your quota, which is a max of 1000 requests in a 100 seconds (plenty for most uses). If you hit that limit, rclone will automatically throttle down a bit to not flood the API.API calls is unrelated to the amount of data you download - and your daily cap on that is a whopping 10TB.

thanks for the reply.

i followed the instructions in here for now. now i enter this command:

rclone mount --allow-other --allow-non-empty gcrypt: ~/mnt/gdrive &

i get this error:

Fatal error: failed to mount FUSE fs: fusermount: exec: "fusermount": executable file not found in $PATH

i think i need fuse to be installed?

On Linux, FUSE is used for the mounting system yes. I can't see any spesific instructions in the documentation...
...on installing FUSE, but I assume you have to. Personally I am on windows so I had to install WinFSP instead - so I never went through installing FUSE. That's why I can't give more spesific help on that particular step.

Ok done, skipped the cache step. Now encypting the files, i managed to mount. Everything seems to be ok :slight_smile:

What if a download completed how can i transfer it to the correspoding folder automatically?

I'm not sure what you are asking, please rephrase.
Are you talking about torrents or something?

Sorry yes. I select and download torrents manually. Is there a way to copy them with rclone encryption to the corresponding folder after completed?

Yes. The easiest way I have found is to set up your torrent software to have a temporary (local) folder for incomplete torrents - but set the final designation to the mounted drive. Then the torrent software will take care of moving the files on it's own. I think most modern torrent client have this option - at least all the ones I have used.

AVOID saving torrent directly to a mounted cloud drive if at all possible - because torrent files are written piece by piece and there is no way to do block-level changes to a cloud drive. This would result in the full file being uploaded every time something changed - so that would be extremely slow and inefficient.

Aside from that you can use any sort of backup software (or another instance of rclone) to set up a scheduled copy or something like that - but the smoothest and easiest way is to let the torrent client handle it because then it will be all automatic.

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Thanks for the reply. That’s great!
I am using cloud torrent on github i think it doesn’t have such feature. I think I can install another one. What do you think about qbittorrent?

Also so when a torrent finishes my mounted drive will be encrypted gdrive so will it work?

I use qbittorrent myself and like it a lot. it is very similar to the old uTorrent except it's opensource and free from advertisements and all that other junk. qbittorrent definitely has this feature - at least the windows client has it, so I assume it's the same on Linux.

If you just mount your crypted mount then all files you copy there will be automatically encrypted before upload - yes. Just set your download location to somewhere on the crypted mount, but also enable the temporary folder for incomplete torrents - and make sure that folder on a local harddrive. torrents will then download locally first - and when completed then qbitorrent will automatically move them to the cloud. You can even seed from there if you were so inclined.

Alright thank you for your detailed reply. I will install it.
I created 2 folders on team drive like movies and tv shows and encrypted them with obscured names. I mounted these obscured folders on Emby. But library is not reading the files.
Should I create 2 crypted configs on rclone?

No, one crypted drive mount should be all you need.

Just make sure it is set up correctly.
If it is set up correctly, then the files in the crypted remote should look normal to you (normal filenames and folders). However, if you check directly via the webinterface (or a remote not stacked with a crypt remote) then the filenames and folders should be garbled and unreadable. If they don't then you haven't stacked the remotes properly - in which case you should share your config after you redact sensitive info like the encryption keys.

Also ensure that you can manually copy files to and from the drive.
If that works then your crypted Gdrive is working - and any remaining issues are likely in Emby (which I can not provide much support for since I am not familiar with that software).

yes but i couldn't figure out. Because emby needs to specify whether it is tv shows or movie so i need to mount to drives for 2 folders.

Also i am planning to install qbittorrent but some people recommend it using with openvpn. Do you think is it necessary?


You don't need to mount 2 drives for 2 folders... a mounted drive can have as many subfolders as you want - just like any normal harddrive would.

For example, if you mount a Gdrive to X:
then your folders could be
Giving those paths to Emby (after mounting the drive) should work fine, assuming your drive is otherwise set up and working.

I mean, you COULD set up 2 mounts to 2 drive-letters if you really wanted. Nothing is stopping you from doing that - but that is over-complicated, more prone to problems and entirely unnecessary in this use-case.

A VPN of any kind is used primarily in this context to keep you more anonymous. Otherwise it's not very hard for others to observe which IP-addresses are downloading a torrent - especially torrents from public trackers. If that content is copyrighted that potentially exposes you to some risk of legal repercussions. I can't really tell you what to do in this regard because I don't feel comfortable giving you legal advice and tell you what is and isn't "safe". This is something you have to decide for yourself if you feel like you need. All I can say is that is not a technical requirement for things to work.

Understood. I am trying to install qbittorrent on CentOS but couldn't managed to. Anyway to do that?


I can not give much help for Linux in general because I mostly work on Windows, but qbittorrent seems like it supported for CentOS and Linux in general.

Maybe this guide will help you out:
I'm sure there are many other guides if you just google "qbittorrent centOS"

thanks i googled a lot but couldn't find a friendly solution. i will check that :slight_smile:

I hope I'm not too late to the party.
Try this script out; it downloads and installs various media center software including torrent clients in a nice modern and standardized method. Docker.

Formerly known as the Atomic Toolkit. Might help you get your feet wet, and put you onto relevant documentation to achieve your goal.