Help with ACD+rclone+Rpi3

Hi there!

I’ve been testing a lot the rclone mount option. At this moment this is my config:

rclone mount
–max-read-ahead 14G
–acd-templink-threshold 0
–checkers 16
–stats 0 ACD2:/TV/ /root/ACD/ &

But I’m continually experiencing buffer loads. The files are 720p and I have 300mbps symmetrical connection. I have tried the DDurdle Kodi Plugin and with this I have no problems, it seems that it is able to store more cache or something similar, Because with that I do not interrupt the reproduction.

Any recommendations to improve streaming?

Make sure you try the latest beta - it improves retry behaviour…

im at the lastest beta and still happens

I was testing, my internet connection is 300mbps. This is the stats when I use rclone copy of one episode:

And this is the stats when I try to stream it (directly by Kodi using mount as a local unit)

I get hundreds of “Buffering” stops during the stream :frowning: