Help to refresh GDrive token - "rclone config update"

I would like to refresh google Drive token via command line (windows).

I mean, GDrive token expires after 200 days without use. I know how to renew manually via config if expired. I know that token when valid is extended just connecting to the remote. But, I would like to automate avoiding having to follow the manual way, just by doing a preventive refresh via cmd before token gets invalid.

A way could be just to connect a list size of remote... but I wonder if there is a more direct way... using rclone config update

I am very lost with the info given here... (seems I lost the touch or the page is a bit cryptic). Combed github, forum, reddit... no enlightment found...

Would this do what I wish?

"rclone config update myremote --config myconfigfile swift env_auth true"


You can just run rclone about remote:

to keep things simple.

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Yes... simple.... Thanks...

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