Help Required mount g drive to linux for xc

Hi all, i am looking for techincal help for a project i am working on , i need to be able to to make an automated video on demand system using sonarr , radarr, g drive , nzb , to then be added to another programme that currently cant see the files , of course would show my appreciation for the help provided , do have basic linux skilsl but having trouble gettign this set up right

hello and welcome to the forum,

you did not mention rclone, do you have a rclone question?

hi yes i will need r clone to eb able to mount the g drive to the linux 18.04 server , but be readable by a third party application

  1. create and test a remote for gdrive
  2. create a rclone mount so the third party app can see the files in gdrive.

would you be able to contact me directly ? via pm

sorry, no private message.

the first step is to create a remote for gdrive.
follow the steps in the link i shared.

no wirries i dont know if its allowed here but does any one proivde paid for services for technical support ?

when you first posted, there was a template of questions.
if you post that needed information, we can help you.

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