[Help Please] Server-Side move Failure on ACD Crypt

I’ve been trying to move all the files in the folder 0-9 into their root folder. Rclone keeps giving me the error “Can’t move files on overlapping remotes”

The command I’m running apparently incorrectly is as follows:
rclone move ACDCrypt:Media/0-9/* ACDCrypt:Media/*

Can someone point me in the right direction please? I have about 4TB of data I need to move around like this, and I’d rather not have to download it all and re-upload it.

You’re trying to move all the files into its parent directory. you can’t do that and thats why its complaining. If it were me, i’d do it via the GUI. You can get the crypt names like this:

rclone lsd --crypt-show-mapping robacd-cryptp:Media and then go in the GUI and move those files. Pretty easy DEPENDING on your use case.

The other option may be to move them somewhere else like this:

rclone move ACDCrypt:Media/0-9/ ACDCrypt:tempspace/

and then move them again back to Media. Use --dry-run first!!!

I made a mistake.

Drive, S3, Dropbox, Swift and Google Cloud Storage support server side copy.

Which means that WILL NOT work. Use the GUI. Map the names and move them.

ah, yes. the gui. I’m running through those now. It’s definitely easier this way that others, but I still have to do it 30x. I am so surprised there isn’t some sort of automated way of doing this.

I mean, c’mon… this is unix, people! AUTOMATE ALL THE THINGS!!! - lol, jkjkjk