Help needed rclone sync for two files

Hi All,

Below command I can able to copy the *.bak file of SQL server but i need to include *.trn ( Tlog file) included in this same below code. This is azure blob storage I am copying

rclone sync “%cd%” support:ghd --config rclone.config --stats 1s -v --include *.bak --log-file rclone.log

Just repeate the --include flag, so --include *.bak --include *.trm or use the grouping feature of the globs, eg --include *.{bak,trm}


It worked like Gem. What can pause command at the end do?


I don’t understand what you mean here?

Sorry to confuse you. I created all this and its running fine but when i put as a schduled task the cmd is not launching i am the local administrator in that server and all permission in folder level i have. is anything i am missing ?

I’m not a Windows expert so I’m afraid you’ll have to do a bit of searching on this one! Here is something I found