Help creating Google drive sync to windows timer increment in maybe a .bat file?

Hi Guys,

First time using rClone and I’m having issues finding information on how to get a google drive sync that runs continuously after X amount of periods, maybe minutes?

I’ve managed to get the sync commands to run once here and there should I use a .bat file command or are there any other routes.

Could you please help me out? Thanks in advance.


Yes, stick your commands in a .bat file then use a windows scheduled task to run them regularly.

could you please share with the us the
commend you used to create your .bat file

For me I would like to create a bat file
with command
rclone copy C://foldername/ to drive:foldername
but the thing I dont know what to use to make it work for me and make the bat file able to work on its own once the Windows task start.
and then close/exist on it own.