Help a dumbass be smart with autocopying?


Id like to set up a cron job (I assume, maybe theres an easier or more competent way) to auto upload my snatches to GSuite. Right now I’m snatching to a single folder but I’m setting up snatching into seperate folders depending on tracker. What Id like is a job / script that runs and excludes non relevant folders (say TV ) and then uploads to my movies folder, with additional scripts to do the opposite (exclude movies, upload TV to TV). What would this look like? I’ve never written cron jobs before so I figured you guys would be the ones to ask. I guess my main fear is messing up a folder and having things deleted that absolutely cannot be deleted (say losing the contents of my movies folder), I know the copy command wont, and hasnt in the past deleted anything but I’d like to be 100% sure.

  • Eve

The first step is to write a script that does what you want. It should be a sequence of rclone commands most likely.

You can test that by running it at the command line, and only when it is working put it on the crontab.

Try each individual command out on the command line first and when it works, put it in your script.

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