Headless config - can't we just curl it?

When using remote config for stuff like hubic where it says

If your browser doesn't open automatically go to the following link:
Log in and authorize rclone for access
Waiting for code...

can’t you just also add a command to curl that link and string out the html tags ?

<a href="https://api.hubic.com/oauth/auth/?client_id=api_hubic_svWP970P******I&amp;redirect_uri=http%3A%2F%2Flocalhost%3A***2%2F&amp;response_type=code&amp;scope=credentials.r&amp;state=26f51558bc1ac9*****80">Temporary Redirect</a>.

where would you edit the code for this ?

Suggest you take a read of this for ways to set rclone up in a headless way. Oauth is quite difficult to do with curl so I don’t recommend it!


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cheers @ncw

Looks like for some I just use windows client and copy over the config to my server

Seems to work for OneDrive https://community.centminmod.com/posts/39144/ :slight_smile: