Having a feedback about deleted files


I was curious if there was an options that I could combine with "sync". I have old hard drives and I avoid having rclone replace files by using immutable but sometimes it delete files.

I would like to have a flag (maybe it already exist) to just ask to tell me the files that will be deleted. It's a bit like the dry run flag but only for the deleted action.

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You can use dry-run and parse out what's going to be deleted from the log file.

It was what I thought I was hoping for something that not need to run 2 commands but I guess that without a new feature / flag I would need to use that as a workaround for now.

You can also use the -i flag if you want an interactive session. You can tell rclone not to ask about all the actions except for deletes. You'll see if you try it.

Thanks I will give it a try I didn't know we could just ask interactive for a type of actions good to know ^^

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I just gave it a try and maybe I have found "a bug".

The interactive prompt is mixed up with the "logging" like "NOTICE:" etc A workaround could be to use --log-file but it have the same effect if I use -P it end up that the progress prompt overwrite the interactive prompt and it's not really possible to know what it's doing anymore.

I took a look but I didn't saw how to tell rclone that for exemple copy operation are already flagged at "!" but that delete must be asked. Maybe I missed it in the manual.

Yes this is a known gotcha.

I'm not sure how to fix it though!

It's maybe not perfect but maybe when the interactive prompts is displayed et it go in pause.

Or another way is maybe to add an operation like "write it to the log" and interactive become like a log that the user use after a sync for example.

That are just ideas, I'm not sure which one would be best as use case though

I think the interactive prompt needs to take a lock or something.

Can you please make a new issue on github about this and we'll have a go at fixing it?


I created a feature issue on https://github.com/rclone/rclone/issues/5027

I hope it's ok that I did it as a feature issue. I found it was more like an enhancement than a real bug.

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That is great, thanks

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