Hashes could not be checked (unencrypted source)(b2)

I’m trying to verify the data integrity of some of my uploads on b2; they are NOT encrypted.
I originally uploaded them via the b2 interface in python but I received an error there (sorry, I didn’t save it, so not helpful).

The command I ran is: rclone check --log-file=/home/user-name/mylogfile-rclone-2019-04-30 -vv Jimmy\ Perdue\ 1996\ final/VIDEO_TS b2source:my-bucket-name/videos/jimmy_purdue_1996_final/VIDEO_TS --cache-db-purge

When I checked to verify the integrity I had seen something that I hadn’t seen before: “5 hashes could not be checked”
and while searching the forum of this error, I only found results that dealt with encrypted sources, mine are not.

Is this message - 5 hashes could not be checked - okay?

The full log file output is https://gist.github.com/skorasaurus/e4a54b09cd954a3500aef22252ec4418

If the source you used to upload those files didn’t support checksums then b2 won’t store them either. Are those files large?

It is up to the client to store hashes for large files (> 5GB but can be smaller depending on the client). So if the python client didn’t store hashes, then rclone won’t be able to check them.

Use rclone sha1sum b2source:my-bucket-name/videos/jimmy_purdue_1996_final/VIDEO_TS to see the hashes.

Thank you for the responses; the sha1 sums are in fact missing for the larger files; I uploaded the files using the python b2 client.
I’ll be using solely rclone for uploading for now since it does provide sha1sums for the entire file.

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