Has google extended their 24 hour bans to longer?

I’m sure Ive been banned for about a day and a half now…

I haven’t notice that, but check what time exactly you got banned, maybe you didn’t notice it at the right time, it’s usually less than 24 and then if you keep download again, you will get another ban which will be 24 hour.

Mine the first one was 3-4 hour and then I download again (I mean used rclone mount) and it ban me for 24 hour.

I’m just writing a script to copy the files locally first, and then upload them to independent google drives.

This will stop the need for copying between google drives, and save me the bans.

2 of my 3 drives will be never downloaded from, unless something happens to the one in use.

I think this is set up and working properly now.