Has anyone compared Cryptomator to RClone Cypt + (WebDAV or mount)

I posted this on reddit and got nothing so I thought I’d ask here

I started using Cryptomator recently and haven’t had any real issues. I certainly like the concept and it has made my life a little bit easier. The only complaint is that I cannot run it on an older mac nor on a linux machine where I do not have sudo access. But those are pretty minor.

However, I’ve been playing with rclone for other uses and realized that I could combine rclone with a local file-system + crypt and then serve via webDAV or mount via FUSE.

I was wondering if anyone has done any comparison of the speed, efficiency, robustness, etc of the two methods. The rclone one seems more complex though easily set up via a script. Rclone is written in Go vs Java for cryptomator. Not sure if that plays into it.

Any thoughts?

I was just reading through it while it looks good, not sure it meets my needs as it misses some of the features that I use from rclone.

It seems quite good for doing file encryption for documents/etc, but not sure if it’s met for Plex/large media files to deal with.

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