GSuite to Worspace Transition: help

Good morning.
I am receiving email from Google asking me to move from GSuite to Workspace by myself or within weeks Google will do it in some automatic way.
In this moment I have GSuite Business account with 1 single user registered and 8 TByte of storage synced with RClone and I really really can not understand: the new Workplace plan to choose and the future cost.
I opened a request to Google: they suggest to move to Workspace Business Plus 2 users, but this will cost 31,2 €/month compared to 9 € I pay today.
I see that I can move by myself to Enterprise Standard at 17 €/month that is the double versus what i pay today, but less than 2 users of Business plus. Is it really unlimited? can i host my 8 TB?
I use GDrive for backup, not for primary storage.
Any suggestion from your side, please?


maybe this is off topic to an off topic:
now might be a good time to make sure gdrive is the best fit for your use-case.

also, there is an open topic about this

I am open to any other solution to better fit my case... Before GDrive I was on Amazon Cloud Drive for 70 €/year... then I had to move to Google. My source data are stored on a Linux\Ubuntu server.

well, i do not know your use-case, so cannot give a good answer.

the main questions are, once the data is in gdrive.

  1. what is the sync command?
  2. for how many months, do the files stay uploaded?
  3. per month, how much data is downloaded?
  4. per month, how much data is deleted/moved per month?
  1. I sync all the storage on my Linux box to the cloud, so I move every night what changed on my Linux
  2. they stay forever
  3. nothing is downloaded. I need to download just in case of a failure on the Linux box (never happened so far...)
  4. I upload from the Linux box to the cloud an average of 10 GByte/day. Usually nothing is deleted on the Cloud

The linux box is an archive storage for music, photos, movies and very few documents.

then might consider amazon deep glacier. i keep many TB there.

$1.01/TB/month u.s. dollars, which i think is 0.87 €/TB/month

for sites that i manage, i keep some recent files in wasabi, a s3 clone, known for hot storage.
all other data goes into aws deep glacier.

I am looking into that, thanks a lot for the suggestion. Appreciated very much.
I imagine that, as for other S3 solutions, I pay for each put request and pay to, eventually, download.

I have just checked in this moment: i have 8 TB, 26 MByte is the average size of each file and I can count more or less 300.000 files.
Need to understand the cost for the first upload and, eventually, do download everything in case of a failure on the local HDD in the linux

Anyway, regarding Google Workspace Enterprise, what is the space limit? it say no limit, but not so clear.

i know nothing about google products, i shared a link where other rcloners are discussing that.
imho, too many quirks for it to be a good backup solution.
does not deal well with large amounts of small files.

with wasabi s3
--- no egress costs
--- no api costs
--- no api throttling
in all my testing and in all my time in the forum, nothing comes close to wasabi when syncing lots of small files.

with deep glacier
--- there are api costs , but i have a bunch of ways to mitigate that.
--- downloading is a two step process
------ 1. have to restore files which has a cost and a time delay.
------ 2. download the files.

for all the sites i manage, there is always a local backup server, so never had to restore any files with aws.
anything critical is synced to wasabi.
and some data is copied to 100GB blu-ray discs.

Thanks a lot, very appreciated.

I will post the question in the thread you linked in your previous post.

I have about 5TB in a GSuite Business Account. If I switch to Workspace Business standard will my data be effected? Will google delete it? I am thinking that it is likely that at worst they will just block me from uploading more but in that case I could just upgrade again to Business Enterprise Standard which most people seem to be finding unlimited for now.

If they won't delete my data then I could try that option but I'd rather not lose my files.

Also do I need to change any settings with my Rclone when I change my GSuite account to Workspace?

best to start a new post at