Gsuite server side quota

Hi, does the server side quota affect the upload quota? Are they distinct quotas or will a server to server copy impact the upload / download quota?

Thanks in advance

All the same daily quota. You get 750GB upload whether you do it server side or the old fashion way :slight_smile:

Hehe, damn, not the answer I wanted :smile:

A follow up question: how about a move between two folders ?

Lets say both folders are on same the bucket / have same encryption key so no re-encryption is involved. if user A uploads to folder N, and user B moves from folder N to folder M => user A's upload is counted (for that user), user B's move will not involve quota impact (for that user). Am I understanding this correctly given the mentioned assumptions?

I wouldn't think any 'move' would be counted towards the quota as that is really just renaming the file. I do that quite a bit on my mounts as I move files around and rename them to new names and no issues there.

How is user B making the 'move' of the file?

Its actually user A that moves. Its like this:

Folder X is final target (User B can view only, User A has write)

  • A "tmp" folder/bucket with write for user B.
  • User B uploads to tmp, (auto)
  • User A moves to folder X. (auto with crontab /systemd)
  • (User A uploads directly to folder X)
  • (User C,D,E etc uploads to tmp)

The idea is to not give user B (c,d,e etc) write to the folder X, but still have it all automated and utilize all of daily quotas.

Are you doing something like a rclone move to automate it?

Yes, its as simple as (with user A)
rclone move tmp:/some/path folderx:/some/path

executed every hour

The only thing that worries me about that is you are moving between remotes, which may not be a server side move.

I'd suggest testing with a -vv on the command see what it does to be sure.

Seems like you are right. It wont initiate a server side copy, even though both buckets are in the same parent folder with same encryption key (testing purposes). Then any action between remotes blindly assumes re-encryption or something. Oh well, at least it works within same bucket :slight_smile:

Edit: Would love someone to confirm this, so I can make a feature request if its not me messing it up
Edit 2: typos

Sorry as I was pretty bad on terminology there.

Server side implies that a copy is happening on the server and it can be a copy or a move.

If you are spanning between 2 remotes as you have configured, it can be server side and in this case, it would be copying from one remote to another and deleting from the source as you did a move. It can happen all server side though and would use quota since you are copying from one remote to another.

If you don't want to use quota, you'd want to use the same remote for the move. If you use 2 remotes, it's going to use quota.

I just noticed I also messed up the terminology (it wont initiate server side copy ---> it wont initiate server side move). Anyway, many thanks for the assistance / clearing this up Animosity022 :slight_smile:

Yes, but the quota are good
750 GB/Day upload vps to gdrive
100 GB/Day gdrive shared folder to your gdrive (cloud to cloud)

Do these quotas sometimes vary? Or maybe there is no quota within the same account?

Just the other day I wanted to copy some stuff within my own account to itself.
rclone copy -P GDrive:source GDrive:dest --transfers 25
This copied 1.3 TB of data at an incredible rate, 1.5-2 Gbytes/s. Before starting this copy, I had been copying something else with --bwlimit 8M for about a week straight, so I was already near the 750GB daily limit at all times, prior to this transfer.

I never hit a rate limit, and after that data had copied, I resumed my other copy operation from external sources to that remote with the 8M in place again.

I'm guessing if the transfer is within the same remote, no quota is used? I only have this experience to validate such a claim, no hard data.

Really? I Will make a copy of my 3 TB gdrive to gdrive. And let see If can copy in one Day.

Yes, that was my experience.
Note that when I use Gdrive to Gdrive, I mean within the same drive account. Not to be confused with Gdrive1 to Gdrive2. More like Gdrive:folder1 to Gdrive:folder2. Same remote.

My particular use case is that I have a set of files up there that I needed to expose in another directory. The second directory is vulnerable to deletion, and also needs a completely different directory structure and file naming system. I didn't see this to be possible with Google Drive's web interface feature Add Here so I used rclone to copy the whole thing.

I'm not sure why you'd copy within the same GDrive as I'd guess you can copy like you could in the WebUI duplicating a folder with no quota impact. I wonder if you are hitting the same thing but I've never copied / duplicated in the same Google Drive.

The WebUI only allows files to be copied, not folders. My directory structure was complex enough that I preferred to risk it with an rclone copy instead. I didn't get any quota blowback, so maybe copying/duplicating within the same drive has no quota impact whether it's with the WebUI or other.

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