Gsuite Maximum Number of Files

I’m planning on transitioning my files from Wasabi to Gsuite. I noticed that Gsuite Team Drives have a limitation of 400,000 files though. Most of my buckets are >1 million files. Does this limit also apply to Non-Team Drives?

I don’t believe there are any limits on number of files in google drive, but I haven’t found a definitive document.

Are the files in a directory structure? I expect drive and rclone both will struggle if you have 1 million files in a single directory!

Yeah one of my buckets is a Restic backup that is about 8m files between 1MB and 8MB. The folder depth is only 2 at most and looks like most of the data is in folders /data/00/ through /data/ff/. So upto about 40k files per folder.

My other buckets are non-packed/encrypted files… Photos and Videos. These are in more structured folders like /Business/ClientName/Date/Session/Image.dng. I have about 4m files total in this kind of structure, probably about 2k at most per folder.

I guess I’ll give it ago and see what happens. I did look about a fair bit but only saw the Team Drive limitations. I’m curious what kind of File Counts others have up on their Gsuite drives.

I’ll ask in the Restic forum too. Cheers.

Answer on the faq :!/faq

But you can make several teamdrive…


PS: indeed missread it :confused:

I think you misread his question as he’s asking for not team drive but the regular as he stated that limit you posted for a teamdrive.

I expect that will work fine!

Expect google drive to be a lot slower than wasabi though - wasabi was quite fast last time I tried it whereas drive has lots of rate limiting.

For individual “My Drive” storage, there is no effective object limit. However, if using multiple accounts to upload data into a shared Drive folder, be cautious of file ownership. Deleting a G Suite account also deletes its owned data.

Other than that, you should find it much easier than juggling a dozen Team Drives. Good luck!